My Projects


  1. Gwiza

  2. Gwiza is a financial services platform that helps people in rural areas to save and invest their money. My daily work at MVend involves building, maintaining, and developing new features for the web interface (dashboard) that allows the company and different stakeholders to manage the platform.

    Website: Gwiza


  1. Lightbulb

  2. Lightbulb Education is an African Based Learning Management System created to tackle the growing needs for quality educational and training facilities within Rwandan schools

    Website: Lightbulb
  3. Peplaace (In Progress)

  4. PePlaace. Is an African based technologically driven social impact start-up. We believe we can change the status quo in the tech industry by facilitating people's lives through state of the art applications.

    Website: Peplaace
  5. Indecision App

  6. Indecision App is a simple React Web App that helps you take decisions based on your inputs.

    Website: Indecision App